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Full opening of the CITP protocol

March 13, 2016

As the maintainer of the CITP protocol specification I have received a fair amount of questions and feedback about it over the past years. A common remark is that the specification is ambiguous and open for interpretation.

Protocols and standards

The benefit of rigid protocol working groups that hold physical meetings and reviews of specifications is that all wording and formatting passes the watchful eyes of several competent people. This helps make such specifications less ambiguous and easier to interpret as intended.

The disadvantage of said groups is that they easily become rather slow and very excluding, as few manufacturers in the lighting industry can spare the time and money to put their engineers on planes with the frequency required.

However, it is much easier for a large enough manufacturer to instruct an employee to sit on an airplane a few times a year to attend a protocol committee than having said person allocate a reasonable amount of time to proactively participate in online-based protocol development work.

CITP contribution

It was always my belief that having an online forum where anyone could post and discuss changes would be open enough, but it has become clear to me that unless people have the actual documents in their hands, they will expect the editor (ie. me) to do all the work for them.

In an effort to be as clear and open as possible, I have now uploaded the CITP protocol specification to an open Git repository. Henceforth I shall encourage and instruct everyone with an opinion about the CITP protocol to take action, make the amendments necessary and submit a pull request!

The goal is and has always been to allow industry developers around the world to participate on equal terms.

Read more on citp-protocol.org.


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